Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Strawberries are undoubtedly my favourite fruit.I could eat them all day every day and all year round for breakfast, dinner,tea and never,NEVER get fed up with them!

This is the recipe from the category ''husband cooks'' and I have to add that I love when he spoils me with his cooking...

Most of you will probably think is nothing else than a rice pudding but surprisingly or not we eat it as a light summer dinner ;) ;) ;) (Well,I'm still not quite sure what the word ''summer'' means in the UK....please send me some sunshine down here!)


Serves 4 or in our case 2 hungry ones ;)


200g white rice
120 ml double cream
250 g strawberries
2-3 tbsp sugar
almond flakes,handful

1.Cook the rice ;)

2.In the meantime wash the strawberries, place them in the bowl(leave a couple for the decoration) and crush them using a fork.In a different bowl whip a double cream with the sugar until it gets thicker and fluffy, add half of the amount of crushed strawberries and mix few more seconds.

3.Divide the rice on the plates.Pour the double cream on each one and the rest of crushed strawberries.Decorate with fresh ones and enjoy.

You can serve this dish with cold or warm rice (I definitely prefer warm!)

ohhh I've almost forgotten FRIED ALMOND FLAKES!They go so well with this dish.All you do is simply fry a handful of almond flakes on a dry frying pan until they get ''tanned'' and just sprinkle then on top of each plate.VOILA!

My own little gems ;) still green but can't wait ;) I'm a ''proud new gardener'' ;)

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