Sunday, August 11, 2013


I'm baaaack ;) Few weeks later,3 kilos havier,fresh and rested....I'm finally back.
We had absolutely fabulous holiday in our hometown,in Poland.I wish we could stay a little bit longer....It' such a peaceful and beautiful place,time goes as though in slow motion, nobady's rushing anywhere...
At last I caught up my family and friends - and my jaw it's actually still acking from rattling! ;)
It probably was the laziest holiday we have ever been to - but it was exacly what we needed to recharge the batteries.....breathtaking views,gorgeous weather and FOOD!Delicious food!
Our mum's absolutely spoilt us rotten,(that's were my ''new' few kilos came from).But nothing beats mum's cooking!Seems like even ordinary scrambled eggs taste the best in the world when prepared by my mum.And my mum-in-law cooks as nice!!!They just have magic hands ;)

Have you ever tried sorrel?These green leaves have very unusual,sour taste.I can never get it in England so the sorrel soup is alway on my 'wishlist' when I go back to Poland to visit my family.




1 big carrot or 2 smaller,sliced 
300 g/11 oz potatoes,diced
1 big bunch of sorrel (around 200-300g/7-10 oz),chopped finely
2 litres/68 oz of vegetable stock
200/7 oz ml single cream(room temperature)
1 spoon of flour mix in 3 spoons of water

NECESSARY: 4-6 boiled eggs, cut into quarters

1.Cook carrot and potatos in stock for a while and add sorrel.Carry on for few minutes until veges are cooked.

2.Add flour mixture to the cream,stir and pour into the soup.Bring it to boil, continuuosly stirring.

3.Serve with boiled egg.

And a little bit of POLAND ;)