Saturday, November 16, 2013


How long do you think it takes to create a photo you see on food blogs?

Planning,cooking, styling, taking photos, shopping of course for ingredients and props.........

Food bloggers are either mad or they just love what they do ;) I think I'm both - barmy and devotee of good food and good food photography!


Photography is all about LIGHT right???!!!This actually can be very, very, very tricky!Especially if you live in ENGLAND ;)

Believe me, the sun was shining 5 minutes before this photo was taken, I set the scene, ready for photo shoot and......upsss.That's what you call  ENGLISH WEATHER!

It takes a long time to set the scene and take satisfying photo.....And some house mates or husbands -  to be more precise get very impatient.....especially if the delicious smell fills in the house from top to bottom ;)

Working from 7 o'clock on Sunday,all day long can sometimes be exhausting....but it all doesn't matter when you see the photo on the screen of your laptop and it's exactly what you wanted to achieve.

And then you happen to walk into a kitchen.....rub your eyes.....rub your eyes again.....OMG!What happened in here?

Anyone volunteer to help????

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  1. Jakbym widziała swoją kuchnię! Mój mąż mnie za to nienawidzi, bo ja pędzę robić zdjęcia a kuchnię zostawiam taką właśnie :D