Sunday, January 26, 2014


Is there anything in your kitchen you buy on regular basis and it's something that ''is always there'' and when it's not there it kind of gives you a panic attack?
Well in my house we ALWAYS have oats, and when we suddenly run out, we dash to the shop and supply 'shortcomings'. These little 'squashed' grains are pretty awesome, full of vitamins B, fibre, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, potassium,phosphorus,zinc, iron, selenium....Really AWESOME!
It sounds like eating them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea......all the time. I do love them.I really do but please don't forget they are carbohydrates, in simple words ''sugar''. So yes they are great for energy and supply essential vitamins and minerals but overeating is not the best idea. BALANCE is the word I really like :)

Right, so after all this.....I hope you still fancy some scrummy florentines :) Perfect when you just need a little break or a little reflexion, with a big cup of green tea or your favourite milk...


You are going to need a muffin tray

for 12


45g dried plums or prunes
75g jumbo oats
20g dried apples
1 tbsp milled flax seeds
40g butter + for greasing
2 tbsp honey
3 tbsp natural yoghurt(room temperature)
50g dark chocolate


1.Preheat oven 180C/160 Fan/GAS 5

2.Melt butter in a medium pan and add honey and yoghurt.Bring to boil. In a meantime combine dry ingredients: dried fruit, oats and flax seeds and mix in with melted butter in a pan.Take off the hob.

3. Put a spoonful of mixture into each muffin mould(PREVIOUSLY GREASED) and press it with a spoon.

4. Bake for 15 minutes.

5. Leave to cool before removing from a tray.

6. When they are ready melt chocolate: break it into smaller pieces and place in a metal bowl. Pour 1/4 water into a medium pan and bring it to boil, turn the heat down to minimum and place a metal bowl with chocolate over it(REMEMBER: a bowl must not touch the simmering water). MELT and dip florentines into it or pour chocolate over it with a spoon.Whatever works better for you.

They are not very crunchy and they are even softer the next day. But this is what I like about them and they are definitely worth a try :)


  1. Świetne zdjęcia! Wszystko wygląda tak pięknie, że aż chce się wypróbować przepis i jestem pewna, że smakować będzie równie dobrze :)

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