Sunday, May 11, 2014


It's hard to believe that this girl who gets up at 7 every single morning, even when she doesn't go to work hasn't always been such an early bird. Some of my friends still remember that they wouldn't dare knocking to my door before 2 in the afternoon, or phone or text at the time of the day they called  ''morning''. They were the best friends in the world actually, they knew if I haven't given any sign of being alive I'm still in my bed fast asleep and it's best not to wake me up.''Morning'' for most people would be 8, maybe 9 or 10 at the latest, but my morning didn't start until 1. My mum would quietly creep into my bedroom, gently whispering into my ear''Darling, the dinner's ready''. That would satisfy my always hungry for sleep body.I was just a nigh owl and that was how my body functioned!I thought.And it functioned like that most of my life.I always thought it would be great to become a professional sleeper(not sure if it exists), if only someone paid me for sleeping I would make millions.How did I become an early bird then?............ I got older.Haha No, I don't think age has anything to do with it to be honest.But I remember that one beautiful morning I texted my mum  saying "Hi, it's such a lovely sunny day, so here I am in the garden painting the shed.hugs and kisses xxx".I didn't have to wait long for reply.It was something like "ehm, you what? Darling it's 7 o c'lock in the morning.Is everythink ok??? BTW happy children's day (yes we celebrate children's day in Poland-we accually celebrate everything in Poland)And then I thought, of course it's 1st of June, I've forgotten.So I quickly reply"oh I think I'm getting older cos I completely forgotten it's a children's day today and Yes I'm fine.It's too beautiful outside to waste time in bed :)".My mum texed back"Yes you must be getting older if you get up at 7 on Saturday to paint the shed xx".Seriously????Is it really something to do with my age? remember I woke up one day really, really early(8 o'clock!!!!!!!) and I couldn't got back to sleep!!!!!Never happened before.Honest, no trouble with sleeping ever.Anyway, I got up and started doing usual ''stuff''. It turned out that before 10 o'clock my house was spotless clean, dinner cooked, washing on the line, clothes ironed.Ticked.And I still had 3 hours before I would normally got up.It felt great.I sat in the garden, enjoying the sun, sipping my favourite green tea and reading a book. IT REALLY FELT GREAT! What is more it felt so good I decided it's time  I'll give up my favourite activity to enjoy my day more than ever.

I can't believe that I'm saying it but I love getting up early and watching the world around me waking up.Only in the morning birds twitter so beautifuly, air is so brisk and flowers open to the first rays of sunshine.There is this lovely quietness around and it feels wonderful to be part of it.

PORRIDGE for early birds and night owls.


serves 2


110g rolled oats
275m milk(ANY - I like my with organic soya or almond milk)
vanilla seeds scraped from half of vanilla pod


1.Place the oats in a saucepan and add the milk.

2.Bring to a slow boil, stirring all the time until the porridge begins to thicken.

3.After approx 7 mins (sooner if the porridge is thick enough and heated all the way through) remove from the heat and leave to stand for 1 min.

4.Serve with favourite fruit, nuts, honey.


  1. Ale ja zazdroszczę tej umiejętności porannego wstawania :D Mnie wciąż trzeba z łóżka ściągać :D

  2. Bea ale u Ciebie pięknie. Dziękuję za zaproszenie. Uczta dla oczu! Pozdrawiam ciepło i życzę powodzenia.

  3. Wstawałabym nawet na 5 rano, gdyby czekało na mnie takie śniadanie :)
    Przepiękne zdjęcia!