Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let the journey begin!

What a beautiful blog world!People so creative!Souls so inspiring!I want to be part of it!
I have been thinking to start this blog for a long time, but has always been so doubtfull, fearflull...
How it's gonna be?But if you do something you love it doesn't matter right?
So here I am, full of bright ideas, pictures in my head, ready to take up a challange, hoping that mabybe one day I will inspire someone too.

                                                                BON VOYAGE!!!!



  1. Bea I just found you on Pinterest, so happy to find a new blogger. I myself have just begun the journey and it was quite intimidating at first but I'm having such fun with it. Your pictures are wonderful and your recipes look divine. I wish you much luck in your new venture.


    1. Hello Anne.Thank you so much for these kind words.They mean a lot to me.
      I'm just very surprised you found me on Pinterest....I haven't put my photos there yet.
      I have just looked at your blog.It's lovely!!!Feels like at home.I will definitely try some of your recipes.Anyway it looks such a lovely place where you live.
      I have to finally write few words about's so hard ;-)
      Good luck to you as well!!!