Saturday, May 18, 2013


Camera!What an amazing tool!I have never really thought what abilities a camera gives you until I got my first DSLR.I bought it only to take nicer photos of my family and when going on holiday,but it quick became my best friend and a companion in everyday life.It thought me to observe the world not only to look.Photographing food came as a natural choice.And I can't really explain why.The same as I can't explain why I always end up buying a new cookbook every time I walk pass a bookshop.Same as I can't really explain why I endlessly flick through food magazines staring at beautiful images of food on their pages. Food is just mesmerising!

I came across PINKLADY FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR competition by chance, 2 days before the closing date.
''I will enter into this competition next year''I said to my husband,''Why next year?''he asked''You should enter this year, your work is very good''.
''Why not?''I thought.

Few weeks later I received a congratulation email with the information that my photo had been shortlisted!I was over the moon!As I'm at the beginning of my photographic journey I feel honoured and chuffed to be chosen from 5500 images.

The winners reception took place on the 23rd of April at Mall Galleries in London.
It was an amazing day.Truly AMAZING!I had the most important person in my life,my husband accompanying me that day and the atmosphere in Mall Galleries was absolutely magical.It was so exciting to be there and to see other people's work.The images were absolutely outstanding and to see my picture on the wall among the best food shots made me feel really proud.Every single photograph was special, told a different story,made me stop by, look and appreciate it!This is what truly good art should do, intentionally and unintentionally.

To take part in such an amazing event, meet so many great people and to have a chance to speak to my idol, and greatest food photographer, David Loftus  had already made me feel like a winner.And to come 2nd in my category made me believe....believe in me.

I would like to say  THANK YOU to Pinklady Food Photographer of the year team for organizing such an incredible event.
And also a BIG THANK YOU to all my family and friends for all your support, beautiful words, card and flowers.
Love you!

Congratulations to the finalist!!!Great work guys!

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