Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rhubarb and raspberry ETON MESS

Eton Mess is one of the desserts I discovered here in England and  I still wonder HOW COULD I LIVE WITHOUT IT FOR SO LONG!This all-time classic,originally served with strawberries, is another proof that British food is absolutely delicious!


Serves 4


350 g rhubarb,peeled and chopped
100 g raspberries
100 g sugar
400 ml whipping cream
4 large meringue, broken into pieces
few pistachios, crushed

1.Place rhubarb, 50 g raspberries and sugar into a sauce pan.Cook over medium heat until rhubarb and raspberries starts to release some juices and it starts to boil.Mix well and turn down the heat to low and simmer for about 15 min or until rhubarb has cooked down to a mush.

2.Whip cream until soft peaks, add the broken into pieces meringues, stir with a spoon.

3.In a tall glass layer a spoonful of compote,whipped cream,stir and add another layer of compote, remaining raspberries and crushed pistachios on the top.

A little bit of history...... Eton Mess is traditionally served on 4 of June at the prize-giving picnic at Eton College, and is reported to have been sold at the school 'sock' (tuck) shop since the 1930s.
Myth has it that the pudding came after a yellow Labrador sat on a picnic basket, crushing the strawberries and cream inside.The Eton picnickers went ahead and tucked in regardless, enjoying the end result so much that they went on to create the pud.(haha really?)


  1. Yummm! Love all the colours and your photos are so gorgeous and well lit.

    1. Thank you!So glad someone likes my work ;)